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Berberis thunbergii 'Maria' ®
Barberry, 'Maria' ® Japanese barberry
Berberis thunbergii 'Maria' ®

Autumn color

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The variety bred in our Nursery named Maria for the glory of wife of the Nursery founder Mr. Lucjan Kurowski.Bush, faster growing than B. th. “Aurea”, with straight, reddish ended yound shoots. Big, golden-yellow leaves with carmine lining. In Autumn they change colour to orange-red, very ornamental. Numerous fruit, big, red, ornamental. Well grown on fertile, wet and sunny grounds. Grown in shade lack intense yellow colour. Resistant to intense sunlight. It is recommended to plant it individually, in groups, as hedgerow, in pots. Very well grown when trimmed and shaped.

At the international Exhibition “Plantarium” in Boskoop (Holland) in 2005 won Bronze Medal in “Novelty” category.

The variety is under protection in EU and USA. Reproduction without permission is forbidden.
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Copying of photos/texts is forbidden
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