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History of the nursery
  Information of the Nursery

History of the nursery
Gardens composed of our plants
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We founded the nursery in 1960 on the area of a few dozens of ares, gradually expanding the area with new pieces of leased land. At the beginning we planted only hedgerow bushes, berries (gooseberry, currants), roses, tulips, narcissi and vegetables, which quickly provided income necessary for further development of the nursery. In spite of the economic and political hardships, lack of development prospects for private farming, we managed to buy in 1964 a field of one hectare. We started to build a farm building and then a house, a power supply line, a well and an irrigation system. Gradually, we were providing the nursery with tools and machines, mostly of our own design which have been in use up to now.

A lot of care has been taken to make new nurseries and ornamental plants collections. Now, in our Nursery we have got over one thousand of plant species and varieties. This makes if possible for us to observe and grow the most valuable ones. In our Nursery we have grown four new varieties of ornamental plants, some are still being observed. Our main goal is the production of high quality material in vast spectrum of varieties.

A lot of care is taken also to quick and professional service provided to our customers. The high quality of our plants is reflected in a few dozens of diplomas, medals, cups awarded for being top ranked at numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions. The high quality is also reflected in the fact that our products have been exported to many demanding western markets for over 30 years. In 1970’s over 60% of the production was exported. During that decade the container plants growing started. In the following decade decisions about the specialization of the nursery were taken, therefore the production of root-stock of fruit trees and bushes, bulbs (tulips, narcissi) and then, regretfully, roses for which we won many Gold, Silver and Bronze Roses at numerous domestic exhibitions.

Priceless contribution to the development of the nursery was made by Lucjan’s wife – Maria. A variety of Berberis thunbergii bred in our nursery was named after her ‘Maria’.

A few hundreds of students served their professional training in this nursery.

On the basis of the nursery Ericaceous plants nursery was founded by Magdalena (daughter) and Marek Majewski at the beginning of 1990’s.

For the last twenty years the nursery has been managed by me and my son Grzegorz. We initiate and participate in many actions to promote plants giving dozens of thousands of bushes to various institutions, mainly schools in Poland and abroad.

Now, we have got the area of 24.5 hectares including approx. 17 hectares of potted plants and approx. 4.5 hectares of plants grown in soil. We have got foil tunnels, small greenhouses, farm buildings (cold stores, storages), planters and cars fitted for transporting of plants on CC trucks. Within the last three years we have built in our Nursery about thousands of square meters of paved areas and roads. We have made an independent water intake and a modern irrigation system. To guarantee fast service we have opened a retail sale point.

We still want to expand the scope of our products and make it more and more attractive. We are going to sell bigger trees and bushes shaped and prepared to meet growing requirements of our customers.

We are a member of
Związek Szkółkarzy Polskich
(Polish Nurserymen Association)