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Purchase conditions – Wholesale offer – Autumn 2012
 Updated: 16.05.2013

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Deciduous trees and bushes in containers
Deciduous bushes - bare root
Coniferous trees and bushes in containers

Price list to download (format: .xls, size: 273 kB)

Selling conditions

The prices given in this offer are the wholesale netto prices EXW nursery.

Those prices are applied when at least 500 potted plants are bought (not less than 30 pieces from one variety).

Discount is given with bigger quantities sold With single purchase of potted plants exceeding:

1000 pieces – 5% discount
1500 pieces – 7.5% discount
2000 pieces – 10% discount

Preferable payment is in cash or pre-payment on the account of the order full value Regular customers are given 30 days payment deadline.


On the Polish territory we can supply the material by a car adapted to plants delivery on CC trolleys. In one shipment a lorry can transport about 2000 container grown plants. When the ordered material covers total capacity of the lorry then the transport is free of charge.

The responsibility for the arrangement of transport outside Poland and all the costs related to this is taken by Customer. The plants to be exported are packed in wooden palletboxes or loose.


Orders can be made by e-mail, fax or by filling the form available at www.kurowski.pl Plant wholesale is available on week days from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m. The receipt of bigger quantities of plants should be agreed 2-3 days in advance.

The bare root plants are available approximately from 10 October. Long-term reservations are not acceptable. The sale ends when the material in stock is sold out.

We are inviting you to place your orders

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Związek Szkółkarzy Polskich
(Polish Nurserymen Association)